Monday, October 8, 2012

What Our Children Need

"It's not better teachers, texts or curricula that our children need most; it's better childhoods, and we will never see lasting school reform until we first see parent reform." - Samuel G. Sava, National Assn. of Elementary School Principals


Parents Make the Difference, a publication of Cape Girardeau Public Schools, September 1991, p,. 3.

Wasting Breath

If you would like to prove,
What Jesus Christ can do,
Why don't you let folk see
What He can do for you?
For there's no better way
To tell of Him we trust,
Than that our friends should see
What He has done for us.
And you are wasting breath
Repeating what He taught,
If friends can't see in you
The change His Presence wrought.


Too Close to Home

By Johnny Mack Young

A newspaper editor ran short of copy and, just to fill space, ran the Ten Commandments without comment. A few days later he received a letter saying, "Please cancel my subscription. You are getting too personal.


Christian Chronicle, May 1993, p. 13.

The Land of Rest

By Elinore P. Gates

Mrs. Connie was trying to teach her 3-year-old class how Moses was a leader, but few understood that idea. So she had them all stand and follow her around the classroom, down the hall to the bathroom, and back to the class, all the while explaining that she was the leader. Then she finished the story about leading the Israelites to the Promised Land.

"Now," she reviewed, "can anyone tell me where Moses led the Israelites?"

"To the bathroom!" answered Amanda.


Christian Woman, date unknown.

Some Good Cheap Perfume

Years ago when times were harder and money a little scarcer I decided to get my young wife some perfume. I walked into a nice store and told the lady I wanted some real good cheap perfume. She looked at me with contempt or pity, I could not tell which, and said, "There is no such thing." I think I ended up buying her a nice iron. Who needs that old perfume anyway?

But isn't this what a lot of folks are looking for today in religion?

Pulpit Helps, August 1992, p. 14.

So You Can't ...

By Ruth M. Walish

So you can't a multitude feed -

Take some food to someone in need.
So you can't a lame man heal -
Drive him to church in your automobile.
So you can't restore sight to the blind -
Share your eyes and heart and mind.
So you can't raise the dead -
Comfort the living by sharing and yourself giving.
So at soul saving, you are not a whiz -
You can tall others of the One who is!



Sharing Grief With Others Soothes Out Sense of Loss

DEAR ABBY: In regard to the lady who was depressed because she lost her precious picture albums, letters and family treasures in a flood, I know just how she feels, and I sympathize with her.
Our home was burned to the ground in December. We lost everything we had. We thought the bottom had fallen out of our world. Then a few days later, my husband’s sister’s three children were drowned!
After Christmas, we sent out children back to school without books. They sent their BOOKS back to school without children. We could no longer feel sorry for ourselves.
Ruth Calcutt, Sanford, NC
Southeast Missiourian
October 9, 1989