Monday, October 8, 2012

Secrets of the Candy Cane

The sweet and simple candy cane, hanging on the Christmas tree, has a secret. Can you guess it?

During Oliver Cromwell's reign as the Lord Protector of Puritan England (1653-1658) harsh rule were handed out. Catholics were not allowed to practice their faith. All religious articles were banned and Christmas was not to be celebrated under threat of punishment.

An unknown and enterprising Catholic candymaker decided to create a symbol of his faith that would be secret.

He shaped it like a shepherd's crook, to remind people of Christ as the shepherd of men. He made it red (for sacrifice) and white (for purity) and twisted it so that the colors became stripes. But if you looked closely, there were two different red stripes. One was made up of three thin lines and represented the Trinity. The other single, thick red stripe symbolized the three made one by the birth of Jesus.



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