Monday, September 24, 2012


By Roy Goodmiller

"The loss of wealth is much;

The loss of health is more;
But the loss of Christ is such a loss
That no man can restore."

Someone else has written, "Sheep get lost, not because of the thicket, but because they wander away too far from the shepherd."

When the late Adlai Stevenson ran for President of the United States and lost to General Dwight Eisenhower, he said after the election, "I fell like the little boy who stubbed his toe; I'm too old to cry, but it hurts too much to laugh." It always hurts when we stop to realize that most of the world will be lost eternally, and we can do so little about it. It hurts when we realize that some are "not far from the kingdom;" and we can't persuade them to be "altogether as I am" (Acts 26:29). It hurts when we realize that there are so many in the church who were "once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift" (Heb. 6:4), and yet have turned their backs on the Lord and serve Him no more.

A very wise writer said concerning those who fall away, "Someone asks why so many church members fall. Here's one answer in a parable. When a boy was asked why he fell out of bed, he replied, "I guess it's because I stayed too close to the getting-in place."


Weekly bulletin of the Jackson Church of Christ, Jackson, MO, date unknown.

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