Monday, September 24, 2012

Vaccinated Christians

    A little boy named Willie was in the hospital to have a piece of deformed bone removed from his arm. After surgery, he asked to see the doctor. "I hear you wanted to see me," said the doctor. Willie reached up his hand and took the doctor's hand and said, "My mamma will never hear the last about you!" That should be our attitude about Christ in response for what He has done for us - ""My friends will never hear the last about you!"
    Vance Havner said that "most American Christians have been vaccinated for Christianity. You know what a vaccination is, don't you? The person is inoculated with a small dose of 'it' and that make them immune to the real thing. Maybe that has happened to us."
    In his last speech, eleven days before he died in an air crash, Will Rogers made three important observations for anyone who would aspire to do something significant:
1) Know what you want to do;
2) Believe in what you are doing; and
3) Love what you are doing.


Pulpit Helps, date unknown.

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