Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey, Soldier! Whose Side Are You On?

By Al Maxey

The tale is told of a soldier during the Civil War who simply could not make up his mind which side of the conflict he supported. Thus, he dressed in a blue coat and gray pants, and walked down the center of the battlefield confident of his approval by both sides ... and was immediately shot by both sides.

Jesus tells us we can't be "fence riders" when the issues involve matters of eternal consequence. We must choose. "You are either with Me, or against Me," our Lord declares., "but you cannot be both!"

A story is related of an elderly German woman who, as her village was being entered by an American unit during the final days of the second world war, stood in the middle of the street holding a small U.S. flag. Her friends told her she was crazy; she should hid and wait to see who would win. She replied, "I want them to know which side I'm on!"


Taken from Hey, Soldier! Whose Side Are You On? Pulpit Helps, November 1996, p. 8.

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