Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twice to the Rescue

A young English aristocrat, happening on a inviting pond, found it irresistible and, shedding his clothes, jumped into the refreshing cool water for a pleasant swim. Unexpectedly seized by fierce cramps, he was unable to swim back to shore. Desperately he cried for help. Another young man working in a field nearby heard the noise and rushed to the pond as quickly as possible. seeing the youth slipping beneath the surface, he jumped in and saved him.

The next day the young fellow who came to the rescue was approached by the father of the boy he had saved. A rich man, he wanted to show his gratitude. Eventually his conversation coaxed from the rough hewn young man an expression of his hidden desire  to study medicine, so the grateful father promised to pay for him to go to medicine school. He went, and he excelled.

According to Peter Marshall, some years later Winston Churchill became gravely ill with pneumonia in Africa and, knowing of the wonder drug penicillin, asked for Dr. Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin, to come to his aid. So Fleming came by express flight, administered the drug and saved Churchill's life - for the second time! For he had saved him in the bond years earlier.


Pulpit Helps
, date unknown.

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