Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Altruism on the Way to Victory

    The story is told of a major competition in which fifty thousand people looked on from the stands as Gil Dodds, track coach at Wheaton College, entered the last lap of his event. His time was superb. Not only would he win the race, but a new world's record seemed easily within his grasp. Then a competitor in the next lane tripped and fell down. Gil Dodds felt a responsibility for that other young runner. He stopped, helped his competitor up, briefly made sure he was uninjured, then continued the race. Can you believe that Dodds still won? He did, but with that momentary hesitation, he had surrendered the world's record. How supremely unselfish he had been! He had placed the welfare of that other young man above his won transient glory, and had rendered himself worthy of far greater honor in the process.
    Winning is important, but it is far more satisfying if you can help someone on the way to victory.

Pulpit Helps, date unknown

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