Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Like Daddy

By Glenn Wagoner

I took my little laddie once,
And drew him to my knee,
And whispered to my little lad,
"Do you want to be like me?"

"Like Daddy," said my little lad,
"I'm gonna be like you."
I bowed my head in humbleness,
And suddenly I knew.

If my small boy would be like me,
There's one thing I must do,
The steps I take, the things I say
Had better all ring true.

As in the night I lay awake
While my wee lad slept on,
His words reechoed through my mind
Like some old haunting song.

"Like Daddy," that's the thought we need
To help to keep us straight,
Upon the way we fathers walk
Depends our children's fate.

Pulpit Helps, date unknown.

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