Monday, October 28, 2013

Self is Deceptive

    Around the end of the fourth century and toward the beginning of the third century B.C., there was a very famous architect by the name of Sostratos. The king of Egypt engaged Sostratos to build a famous lighthouse in order that ships might be guided safely to the port. When Sostratos finished building the lighthouse he chiseled his own name upon a stone that he used in construction. He did not allow that stone to be seen but covered it with mud. As soon as the mud dried, he carved the king's name on it and painted it in gold in order to flatter him. Sostratos knew that sooner or later one of the waves would wash the mud away and the name of the king would disappear while his own name carved in stone would remain.
    Watch those people who, on the surface show a great deal of interest in you and flatter you. It may be just superficial. They may be just writing your name on mud while underneath all the nice words and flattery is their own name carved in stone.

Pulpit Helps, date unknown

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