Monday, October 28, 2013

The One Who Died for Me

By Charles Curtis

    Alexander the Great, with his arm, captured a small village. The citizens of the village were brought before Alexander at which time their future was determined.
    There appeared before him a young man, his bride and his bride's mother. As they stood before Alexander, the young man was asked, "What would you give for your life?" upon which he replied, "I would give all my gold and silver, Sir."
    Then Alexander asked, "What would you give for the life of your wife?" upon which he replied, "I would give my life, Sir." Alexander said, "Let them go free."
    As they left, the mother asked the daughter, "Did you see the golden coat Alexander had on?" "No," replied the daughter, "I could only see the one who said, 'I would die for her.'"
    As we run the Christian race, we must keep our eyes on the one who died for us.

Pulpit Helps, date unknown

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