Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just A Step Away

By Kippy Myers

    My wife's grandparents had obtained tickets for a steamboat ride. It was going to be a little "getaway" for them. But when they got to the dock and were ready to board, the grandmother decided that she did not want to go. The husband tried to persuade her to get on the steamboat since they were all prepared, had their luggage with them, etc., but she said that she had a bad feeling about it and was afraid that the boat would sink. Oddly enough, some friends of theirs approached them. They had tried to purchase tickets for the boat ride but the tickets were all sold out and thus, they could not go. The grandparents explained why they were not going and gave their tickets to the friends who were happy to receive them. Sadly, they boat sank, taking the friends with it.
    Country singer, Waylon Jennings, was playing a concert trip with several other musicians. Rather than take the tour bus to the next town, however, one of the artists was able to rent a private airplane and pilot to take him there. There was room for one more to ride, so Waylon and Buddy Holly flipped a coin to see who would go. Buddy won and happily climbed on board. Waylon lost ... he thought. The plane crashed, killing all on board.
    A young preacher sat on a streetcar in San Fransisco when some thugs boarded and sat beside him. He carried a Bible which drew their attention. One "tough guy" stood and began to ridicule the preacher. The young preacher sat in silence until the boy asked him, "Hey, Preacher. I guess you know everything, huh?" Well, tell us this - how far is it to eternity?" The other boys laughed, but the preacher responded, "Just a step."
    Eternity is only a heartbeat, a breath, a car trip, a street crossing, etc., away. STAY ready and you'll BE ready" ... for in an hour that ye think not, the Son of man cometh." (Matthew 24:44).

Kippy Myers, Illustrations that Illustrate, The World Evangelist, Feb. 1996.

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