Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Prayed to God For You

I prayed to God for you today.
Not with a mouth in language skilled
But with the hope that by His care
You would be comforted and filled
With His great love and tenderness; 
That He would help you then to build
Your own life on the solid rock
Of His dear Son whose blood was spilled
To save us from our sins, that with
His love and grace our hearts are filled.
Have you prayed to God for me?

I did not know if you would go
To talk with Him about your need
And so I went on your behalf,
To thank Him for you, and to plead
That He would let me, as His child,
Lend you my strength and intercede
By sharing with you all your load,
That I would not your way impede.
We share each other’s load in love,
To be to friends a friend indeed.
Have you prayed to God for me?

I know the struggle you have had
With thorns and stones that crowd your way,
What hardship you have overcome
In getting where you are today.
I prayed that God would bless you as
You find in Him your strength and stay.
I struggle with those things myself,
And so I ask my friends to pray. .
That I can meet my trials and
Not fall or stumble on my way.
Have you prayed to God for me?

- Gerald Cowan preaches for the Dongola Church of Christ in Dongola, IL.  He may be contacted at Geraldcowan1931@aol.com

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