Monday, November 25, 2013

Next Bus

By Royce Clay

    One cold rainy night while I was waiting at a bus stop, an elderly woman got off a bus and walked slowly over to where I stood.
    "Could you tell me when the next bus is due?" she asked. I asked where she was going. Upon hearing her reply I exclaimed, "But you just got off a bus going to your destination."
    "Well," she stammered shyly, "there was a terribly crippled young man on that bus and nobody offered hem a seat. I knew he'd be embarrassed if an old lady like me got up for him, so I pretended it was time for me to get off so he could have my seat. He wasn't embarrassed, and I -- well, there's always another bus.
    We need, as a congregation, to manifest a little more of that little lady's attitude.

Meadowbrook Church of Christ, Anderson, IN, Jan. 15, 1995.

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