Monday, November 25, 2013

That Better Place

    The following fable portrays how we might feel if we could see into heaven for an instant:
A boy had a sister who was dying. He heard that if he could secure a leaf from the tree of life in heaven, she would be healed. So he approached the gate of glory and made his desire known to an angel. The celestial being suggested to the boy that even if his sister would be healed he could not guarantee she would never again be sick, suffer disappointment, or go through trials. Just then the angel deliberately opened the gate a little wider so the youngster could see inside. He could scarcely believe his eyes! Everything was wonderful and beautiful beyond description. After thinking for a moment, eh exclaimed, "Forget the leaf! May I come in with her?"
     I would not have you grieve for me today

Jackson Church of Christ, Jackson, MO, date unknown.

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