Monday, April 14, 2014

Church Conflict

By Mike Benson (editor)

    Greek mythology tells of Cadmus who, while searching for his sister, came upon a dragon blocking his travel. Cadmus fought and killed the fierce dragon. He then extracted the teeth of the savage beast and buried them in a field.
    The next time he traveled that way, he was surprised to discover every tooth had become an armed giant. It seemed impossible that he could pass through their midst. How could he overcome them?
    He thought of a scheme. While hiding behind a tree, he threw a stone, hitting one of the giants. The giant, thinking another of the giants had struck him, hit back in return. The other giants began to take sides and quarrel. Their fighting escalated and soon involved their weapons. Finally, all were wounded. Then Cadmus was able to pass.

    THOUGHT: When we allow Satan to sow seeds of discord and disunity in the church, we will end up fighting one another.

KneEmail, date unknown

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