Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm On Your Side

    A man dressed in a devil outfit, was on his way to a Halloween costume party when suddenly he got caught in a big rain storm!
    Searching for cover from the downpour, the man rushed headlong into the first building he came to. As it turned out, he had unwittingly turned in the auditorium of a church building during the worship assembly.
    When the church members saw who they thought was the devil, they all panicked. And all scrambled out of the room, except for one unfortunate lady who found herself pinned under the feet of this confused fellow. Fearing for her welfare, she looked up int this devilish face and said, "You know, I've been on your side all along!"
    While I enjoy a good laugh, may I suggest that there is a more serious side to this story. You see, it is possible for me to claim allegiance to the Lord, when in reality, I am a covert disciple of "the wicked one."

KneEmail, #127 (date unknown)

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