Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fear of the Dentist

     A little boy was afraid of the dentist ...
     So his father decided to set the example and have his teeth examined. The dentist looked inside the father's mouth and said, "Oh, there's a tooth in there that has to be pulled."
     The father asked, "How much will it cost?" The dentist answered, "We charge $35 a tooth." Then the father asked, "How long will it take to pull the tooth?" The dentist answered, "About a minute." The father protested, "I get paid by the hour, and when I think of paying $35 for a minutes work, that is a terribly high hourly wage." "Well," said the dentist, "I can pull the tooth more slowly if you like ..."

Thoughts: In NT times the Jews believed that a prayers' effectiveness was in direct proportion to its length. Ancient Rabbis maintained that the longer the prayer, the more likely it would be heard and heeded by God. A Christian's relationship with God is not based upon verbosity, but the repetition of sincere requests (cf. Luke 18:1-7; 2 Cor. 12:7-8; Matt. 26:39-44) in prayer.

KneEmail, edited by Mike Benson, date unknown.

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