Thursday, May 15, 2014


     Jason Tuskes was a seventeen-year-old high school honor student who was close to his mother, his wheelchair-bound father, and his younger brother ...
     He was an expert swimmer who loved to scuba dive. Jason left home on a Tuesday morning to explore a spring and underwater cave near his home in west central Florida. His plan was to be home in time to celebrate his mother's birthday by going out to dinner with his family that night. Jason became lost in the cave. Then, in his panic, he apparently got wedged into a narrow passageway. When he realized he was trapped, he shed his yellow metal air tank and unsheathed his diver's knife. With the tank as a tablet and the knife as a pen, he wrote one last message to this family: "I love you Mom, Dad, and Christian." Then he ran out of air and drowned.
     Thought: A dying message is something that simply cannot be ignored. What consumed the Lord's thinking during His final hours? If we listen closely to His prayer shortly before He entered Gethsemane, we get a glimpse into His heat (John 17:20-21).

KneEmail, edited by Mike Benson, date unknown.

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