Monday, March 24, 2014

Somebody Might Be Watching

My first visual memories of Joe Dimaggio were not on a baseball field, but in a commercial. He was not swinging a bat, but "pitching" the Mr.Coffee brand coffee-maker. To this young viewer, he was simply a distinguished looking older gentleman who was trying to get people to buy the product he endorsed. As I grew older, of course, I learned about the "Yankee Clipper" and his legendary abilities and characteristics. I came to have great respect for his athletic ability and his humble demeanor.

So it was that I, along with others, felt quite a bit of sadness the day I heard the news of the death of "Joltin' Joe." Through the following days I read and heard much of his "class" and his "sweet swing." But probably the most unforgettable thing I heard was the phrase he uttered when he was asked if he ever considered giving less than his best on the field. "Never," he said, "Somebody might be out there, watching me for the first time." (The Paducah Sun, Tuesday, March 9, 1999).

Dimaggio's remark ought cause us all to stop and think about how we live our lives. Indeed, each day we influence people who are looking to us for an impression. Those who love us and appreciate us are looking to us for conformation of their trust and reciprocation of their love.

The Encourager, Calvert City Church of Christ, edited. [Exact date unknown]

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