Monday, March 24, 2014

What About Priorities?

By Terry Casey

In Sunday's edition of the San Antonio News was an interesting item. A wealthy business man is being sued by  his wife for a divorce. According to a court affidavit the wife is demanding almost $28,000 per month as a settlement. The breakdown of projected monthly expenditures was reported as follows:

Vacation                    $10,446.00
Clothing                    $6,452.00
Restaurants               $2,600.00
Gifts                          $2,267.00
Groceries                  $1,59200
Beauty Parlor            $1,440.00
Miscellaneous           $1,407.00
Furnishing                 $1,255.00
Pet Care                     $171.00
Church Charities        $20.00

WOW! Her demands for one month are as much or more than many folks make in a year. But what stands out even more is the last figure ("church charities") as compared to the other items. It is evident where he priories are.

The Encourager, Calvert City Church of Christ, edited. [Exact date unknown]

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